Laser Grids Dot matrix Red Green Blue Laser Alignment Device 10*10=100 Grids

Laser Grids Dot matrix  Red Green Blue Laser Alignment Device. 

10*10=100 Grids Dot matrix Effect Red Green Blue laser module


Lens angle: 42°
Number of grids: 10 x 10 = 100
Mounting height: 0~5m
Output wavelength: 650nm / 520nm / 450nm (optional)
Core power: 100MW (optional)
Working voltage: DC 2.8V to 5.2v
Working current: <500mA
Laser dimension: 16 * 70mm (customizable)
Optical lens: grating (imported from Germany)
Grid size:
1, At 50cm distance, outer frame is 36.4cm long (single small grid side is 4.05cm long);
2, At 100cm distance, the outer frame is 72.8cm long (single small grid side is 8.1cm long).

1, Ultra high brightness for indoor and outdoor use;
2, The light is clear, bright, soft and unobtrusive;
3, Adjustable line width to meet your different requirements;
4, The shell is aviation aluminum coated with insulating paint, which can fully dissipate heat, shock, fall and static electricity;
5, Imported laser diode with high stability can be turned on 24 hours a day;
6, Intelligent drive board with imported IC can supply power in 2.8-5.2v ultra wide range (other voltages can be customized);
7, High temperature and corrosion resistant DC plug wire is suitable for all-weather and all-weather use.

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Starting at: $690.00

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