808nm 4W Fiber Coupled Laser Compact industrial Adjustable Power

808nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser for industrial and Lab applications. It has adjustable output power for different applications. The 808nm wavelength lasers are easily absorbed by biological tissues. It is good for deep irradiation of animal and plant cell culture tissues in Bioengineering experiments. There are two beam modes for your choice, Round and square target dot shapes.

The 808nm wavelength infrared lasers will not damage cells.


Small size compact design and light weight
Improve cell culture efficiency
Promote tissue repair and regeneration


Wavelength (nm):808
Output Power (mW):4000
Working Mode:CW
Dimensions (L*W*H,mm):215*190*80mm or 245*220*95mm
Net Weight (kg):5kg
Beam Mode: Round and square, optional
Spectral Linewidth (nm): < 0.1
Fiber optic model:200um 400um
Power Stability (RMS, over 8 hours):<2%
Warm-up Time(minutes):<15
Operation Temperature:25
Expected Lifetime(hours):>10000
Warranty Time:1 year

The 808nm 4W fiber laser has a collimating lens connected by fiber cable. It helps you use the laser beam flexibly.


Biological Engineering.
Deep irradiation for animal and plant cell culture tissues.
Ideal for laboratories and medical facilities.


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