561nm Solid State Laser with Yellow Green Color

561nm Solid State Laser with Yellow Green Color.  The 561nm laser offers up to 500mW of yellow green light in a near diffraction limited TEM00 beam with a M²<1.1. Designed for easy integration into OEM applications, the 561nm laser has been extensively tested for robustness and stability


The color of lasers with 561nm wavelength is neither yellow nor green. The 561nm laser is yellow green.

There are following types of 561nm laser:

Single Longitudinal Mode Laser
Low Noise Yellow Green Laser
High Stability Yellow Green Laser
Yellow Green OEM Laser Module
Fiber Coupled Laser System

Specs & Datasheet:

Wavelength (nm): 561nm+-1
Output power (mW): 1-100
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours):<3%, <2%, <1%
Transverse mode: TEM00
Longitudinal mode: Single
Operating mode :CW
Spectral line width (nm) :<0.00001
Coherent length (m) :>50
Noise of amplitude (rms, 1Hz~20MHz) :<1%, <0.5%
M2 factor :<1.2
Beam diameter at the aperture (1/e 2 , mm) :<1.5
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) :<1.2
Polarization Ratio :>100:1, Vertical (Horizontal Optional)
Warm-up time (minutes) :<5
Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad) :<0.05
Frequency shift over 8 hours (MHz) (Optional) :<200
Frequency shift with Temp (MHz/C) (Optional) :<200
Beam height from base plate (mm) :27.4
Laser head consumption(W) :15 (typical) , <25 (40)
Max. Laser Head Base plate Temp (C) :50
Operating Temperature (C): 10-35
Power supply (90-264VAC) :PSU-H-FDA
Expected lifetime (hours) :10000
Warranty :1 year

The laser applictions for the 561nm lasers:

imaging microscopy


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