300nm Laser Solid State Laser CW Output power 1mW-5mW

300nm Laser UV Solid State Laser CW Output Power lasers 1mW-5mW


Ultra compact small size, long life as long as several years, low cost and easy to operate


Used in scientific experiments, optical instruments, optical sensors, measurements, communications, spectrum analysis, etc.

Wavelength (nm):300+-3nm
Dimensions of beam at the aperture (mm): ~2.0
Beam Quality (M2 factor):<2.0 Output power (mW): 1 - 5mW
Aperture Position(mm):50mm
Transverse mode: Near TEM00
Operating mode:CW Continuous wave
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours):<10%
Power supply (90-264VAC or 5VDC) VD-VIB
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm):180 x 50 x 63.5 Warm-up time (minutes):<10 minutes
Expected lifetime (hours):10000
M2 factor:<2.0
Warranty:1 year


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