261nm 261-nm UV Solid State Laser Industrial Laser System Device

Ultra compact small size, long life as long as several years, low cost and easy to operate

Wavelength (nm):261+-1
Dimensions of beam at the aperture (mm): ~2.0
Output power (mW):>1, 2,3,
Aperture Position(mm):30
Transverse mode Near TEM00
Polarization ratio:>50:1 (Horizontal)
Operating mode:CW Continuous wave lasers
Operating temperature (C):10~35
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours):<10%
Power supply (90-264VAC or 5VDC) VD-II-N
Warm-up time (minutes):<10
Expected lifetime (hours):5000
M2 factor:<2.0
Warranty:1 year
Warranty Time:1 year


Used in scientific experiments, optical instruments, UV curing, micro-electronics, CD carving, laser medical treatment, lab applications etc.


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