1450nm DFB Laser Coaxail Pigtail for CWDM CATV with built-in InGaAsP monitor photodiode

The 1450nm DFB Laser with Coaxail Pigtail is for CWDM analog communication, CATV return-path,laboratory instrument. The 1450nm cost-effective, high stability DFB laser chip has a selectable wavelength with range 1290nm - 1610nm. The 1450nm DFB Laser Diode has a built-in InGaAsP monitor photodiode,built-in optical isolator and 4-pin coaxial-pigtailed package,single mode coupling,and an FC/APC or SC/APC connector.


Wavelength 1450nm;
2mW Output Power;
1410nm DFB laser diode;
Built-in PD optional;
Single Mode Fiber pigtail with FC/APC, FC/PC.


Digital signal transmission;
WDM system;
Data communication;
Fiber channel.


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